Harmony Riverside:

Beijing Harmony Riverside Investment Management Co., Ltd. (“Harmony Riverside”), founded in April 2015, is an affiliate of Heju Investment and specializes in private equity investment. The core members of investment team come from domestic and foreign leading PEs, securities companies and accounting firms, having rich experience in investment. Harmony Riverside is committed to “Identifying and Realizing value”, creating outstanding return for investors and helping grow China’s economy.

He Ju Investment:

BEIJING HE JU INVESTMENT is one of the leading private equity companies in China.With FUM of over Rmb10bn and focusing on the Chinese securities market, HEJU INVESTMENT has maintained an outstanding investment record over the long term and been well acknowledged by Chinese and overseas fund rating agencies. It has won almost all mainstream accolades in the securities sector, including Golden Bull Award (five times), Golden Sunshine Award, Golden Goblet Award, Yinghua Award (nicknamed as the Academy Award for portfolio managers), Award for products with a tenure of 3-5 years on the Annual Conference of China Private Equity Fund etc. In 2015, it was the only institution awarded the China Fund Prize by MorningStar (for equity hedge fund).